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Huahe Media Group Co., Ltd. (HuaHeMedia) is a member of the China Association of Commercial Advertising Association (4A), a member of the Digital Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, a member of the Content Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, and a charity foundation of the Shanghai Charity Foundation. Executive fund management committee of the special fund management committee. The group has five subsidiaries, three branches, and branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou to provide professional brand communication services. The business segment includes mobile phone new media operations, creativity, case, media, design, government activities, performing arts, public relations, (IPTV) digital marketing, film and television, animation, and other integrated services, and multiple fields. The Group adheres to the corporate vision of “Building an International Media Group”. Create a professional business operation model, create an elite creative team, focus on the customer, focus on the results, serve the whole brand system, and form a creative-oriented business with a new vision, new thinking and new dimensions as open and practical. With the output link, Huahe Media has provided integrated brand marketing communication solutions for many brands. The customers are China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of China, Zhongyuan Bank, Agricultural Bank, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank, Bank of Communications, China Post. Banks, GAC Toyota, Yutong Bus, China Southern Airlines, Coca-Cola, Dukang, Missian Group, and many other Fortune 500 companies, integrate cross-border resources, provide customers with full-brand promotion solutions, and customize brand-specific strategy and tactics for customers. Taking the power of creativity as the brand to occupy the market, providing solutions to customers with creative ideas, breaking through boundaries, integrating across borders, implementing strategies to change the concept of Huahe Media, and forging the brand.
In the process, Huahe Media, which is in the Central Plains and has a heart to the world, has precipitated a corporate culture of “having attitudes, opinions, ideas, stories, and patterns” and will continue to provide customers with China’s 4A advertising service standards. With excellent quality, we will build a comprehensive media group with complete industrial chain, cross-regional development and full-service.

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Henan Company: 27th Floor, Block B, Yunfeng, Greenland Window, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City
Beijing company: 3Q, SOHO Phase II, Guanghua Road, No. 9 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District
Shanghai company: SOHO3Q-Bund 3Q1, No. 88 Zhongshan East Road, Huangpu District

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