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In 2012, "Huahe Media Founding First Year" was founded on the WMA World Music Awards Tour, and the meaning of "China Wing Miao" is expected to thrive on the land of Central Plains. It is a dream for Huahe Media to build a 4A advertising company.
Huahe Media has undertaken the four-year license of the World Music Awards Tour Henan Branch. In January 2012, it was authorized to the former shareholder of Huahe Media. In March 2012, Huahe Media was established to undertake this major project, world music awards (WMA). The World Music Awards Ceremony is one of the most prestigious music awards ceremonies in the world of fashion music. The award was founded in 1989 and sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco. The winners are based on the International Recording Association (IFPI) and major players. The most authoritative data provided by the record companies gave the stars and musicians who made the greatest contribution to music in the world in the year.
The world music awards (WMA) came to China for the first time. The main venue held an award ceremony at the 80,000 Stadium in Shanghai. The organizing committee was also authorized to tour the five major cities in China to Beijing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Changsha and Nanjing. The Music Tour Concert is touring with the theme of music without borders.

2013 "Based on the Central Plains, the Internet of Everything + Win-Win Mode"
At the beginning of 2013, Huahe Media successfully signed the first customer CITIC Bank, and formed a long-term business cooperation, all-round, full-brand, from design to activities, printing, publicity and other services, is an annual partner. The successive customers include Henan Post Bank, Dukang Wine, Yongwei Real Estate, Si Nian Real Estate, Greenland Real Estate, etc., which have given Huahe Media a good foundation for serving high-end customers.
2014 "melt - officially entered the 4A advertising work system"
With a forward-looking strategic direction, the company is determined to become the first 4A advertising company in the Central Plains, hired the international 4A Shanghai Ogilvy's elite team, from design to service upgrade, and hired McKenzie's advertising designer, Japan Dentsu Advertising talents and creative directors have established a creative team based on 4A advertising services as a standard, and signed strategic cooperation with Dentsu to undertake annual full-case business, Henan Mobile, Henan Telecom, etc.;
2015 "Dream Takes Off, From 1 - 100 Butterfly Change"
From one to one hundred, we achieved leap-forward development, completed the joint mergers and acquisitions of five companies, and increased the operating income by 6 times to the establishment of Huahe Group. When the advertising industry fell, it completed the adversity growth and gradually became 4A. The pace of advertising, creative and intelligent advertising companies in Henan itself has a very big challenge, in the eyes of many people, doing 4A is simply a fantasy, far away, but Huahe believes will do it, from At the beginning of the creation of 4A, all the way to being laughed at as a joke eventually became a myth. Behind all that is not optimistic, no one has tried, we have created a possibility, a miracle.

2016 "Growing in Adversity, Growing up in Dilemma"
The logo of Huahe Media is composed of a phoenix with a Chinese style. The king of the ancient birds in the legend has changed from the original red cloud to the colorful hot wheels. It has witnessed the development of Huahe Media. Like the steamer, the steamer develops rapidly in the face of adversity. The five colors represent the golden wood and the fire and the earth. The five elements are opposite each other. When the water meets the wind and breaks the waves, it turns from a small leaf boat to a big ship in the Central Plains. In the eyes of the Central Plains, the heart of the world, began to layout the strategic planning of Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and other branches, to become an international 4A advertising media group.
In the end of the year, the first lecture of "Brand Lecture Hall" was held. Song Meiming, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China, Ding Junjie, Vice President of Communication University of China, Li Xisha, President of China Business Advertising Association, and Chairman of Creative Board of Shanghai Meigao Gao Jun gave a speech. It opened a new chapter in the transformation and upgrading of the Central Plains brand. The participants gathered senior leaders of brand management from all walks of life and entrepreneurs, and laid a strategic layout for the Henan brand.

年《近在迟尺4A梦——华禾传媒为改变而来》 2017 "After the 4A Dream - Huahe Media Comes for Change"

年的1月,历经5年的努力,终于拿到了中国4A广告的大旗,这个金字牌照对于华禾传媒而言,是一直以来奋斗的梦想,是行业的风向标,是身为广告人的骄傲,是能为世界500强企业提供品牌创意的实力象征,更是一种至高无上的荣耀。 In January of 2017, after five years of hard work, I finally got the banner of China's 4A advertising. This gold license is a dream that has always been struggling for Huahe Media. It is the vane of the industry and is an advertiser. Pride is a symbol of strength that can provide brand creativity to Fortune 500 companies. It is also a supreme glory.

In this year, in the leadership of the President of China Business Advertising Association, we participated in the dialogue forums of five countries, the awards, the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival, the Silicon Valley of the United States and other major companies, so that Huahe Media really entered the 4A advertising. Circles; stepping into the big steps, stepping into new insights, creating endless possibilities.

年3月份承办了中国银行跨境投资贸易会,26个国家,5000人的会场,赢得了各级政府和中国银行的高度赞赏。 In March 2017 , it hosted the Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair of Bank of China. The conference venue of 5,000 people in 26 countries won high praise from governments at all levels and Bank of China. From the creative to the implementation of the full range of brands, we have won very satisfactory answers from our customers.

年3月31日华禾传媒以“河南联通暑假流量促销篇”荣获第17届IAI国际广告奖作品类、平面类、广告创意类优秀奖. On March 31, 2017 , Huahe Media won the 17th IAI International Advertising Award for Works, Plane and Advertising Creative Excellence Awards for “Henan Unicom Summer Travel Traffic Promotion”.

年7月与宇通客车签约2年度战略合作(设计全案服务商)及活动、海外市场的设计推广等项目。 In July 2017 , it signed a contract with Yutong Bus for 2 years of strategic cooperation (designing a case service provider) and activities, design and promotion of overseas markets.

年8月中标河南移动18个地市2年度物料供应商 In August 2017 , he won the bid for 18 cities and materials suppliers in Henan Mobile.

年6月30日集团高层赴京访问IDG资本、洽谈融资上市规划。 On June 30, 2017 , the group's senior officials went to Beijing to visit IDG Capital and negotiate financing listing plan.

年10月与河南联通中标2018年度全案业务等。 In October 2017 , he and Henan Unicom won the bid for the 2018 annual case business. Follow-up...

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