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在通信、金融、汽车、快消等行业具有较大的影响力,主要服务的客户均为世界500强,中国移动、中国联通、宇通客车、绿地集团、思念集团、中原银行、农业银行、中国银行、中信银行、邮政银行、浦发银行等。 As a leader in innovative marketing consulting, Huahe Media has great influence in communications, finance, automobile, fast-moving and other industries. The main customers are the world's top 500, China Mobile, China Unicom, Yutong Bus, Greenland Group. , Missing Group, Zhongyuan Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Post Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc. 华禾传媒在全案服务代理方面有经验丰富的专业服务团队, 能够运用高端的技能和创意,为每一位客户提供量身定制的解决方案。 Providing superior services in marketing strategy, brand positioning, product innovation, and integrated communication to help companies achieve higher investment business value. Huahe Media has experienced professional service team in the whole case service agent, able to use high-end skills and Creativity, providing tailor-made solutions for every customer. 我们的专职营销团队拥有高度发掘生活者潜在需求的能力,熟悉多种行业,他们将会为客户提供优质服务。 In the spirit of solving various problems faced by customers, we have fundamentally interpreted the changes in the values and desires of our customers through comprehensive research. This is also the basis for our business work. Our full-time marketing team has a high degree of discovery. The ability to potentially demand, familiar with a variety of industries, they will provide quality services to customers.

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