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Henan Hehe Media Group Co., Ltd. (Hua He Media) was founded in 2009. The group has five subsidiaries and three branches, and has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou to provide brand communication services to customers. . The business segment includes mobile phone new media operations, creativity, case, media, design, government activities, performing arts, public relations, (IPTV) digital marketing, film and television, animation and other multi-disciplinary businesses. Huahe Media is a member of the China Business Advertising Association's Comprehensive Agency Professional Committee (China 4A), a member of the Digital Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, a member of the Content Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, and an executive vice member of the Shanghai Charity Foundation's Special Fund Management Committee. unit.
Huahe Media has provided integrated brand marketing communication solutions for many brands. The customers are China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of China, Zhongyuan Bank, Agricultural Bank, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank, Bank of Communications, China Post Bank, Guangzhou Automobile. Toyota, Yutong Bus, China Southern Airlines, Coca-Cola, Dukang, Missing Group and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Company Name: Huahe Media Foreign Name: Hua He Media
Headquarters Location: Zhengzhou, China

development path:
In 2012, Huahe Media was founded in the first year. Huahe Media has been authorized by the Henan Branch of the World Music Awards Tour for 4 years. In January 2012, it was authorized to the former shareholder of Huahe Media. In March 2012, Huahe Media was established to undertake the project.
At the beginning of 2013, Huahe Media successfully signed the first customer CITIC Bank, and formed a long-term business cooperation, from design to activities, printing, publicity and other services, is an annual partner. The successive customers include Henan Post Bank, Du Kang Wine, Yongwei Real Estate, Si Nian Real Estate, Greenland Real Estate, etc., which lay a good foundation for Huahe Media to erect its ability to serve high-end customers.
In 2014, it officially entered the 4A advertising work system. The company hired an international 4A elite team to upgrade from design to service. At the same time, it hired designers of McCann Bright Advertising, Japan Dentsu Advertising Talents and Creative Directors to establish a creative team based on 4A advertising services. And signed a strategic cooperation with Dentsu to undertake the annual full-case business.
In 2015, the company completed the merger and acquisition of five companies, and increased its operating income by six times to establish Huahe Group.
In 2016, it began to lay out strategic plans for branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. In the end of the year, the first lecture of "Brand Lecture Hall" was held. Song Meiming, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China, Ding Junjie, Vice President of Communication University of China, Li Xisha, President of China Business Advertising Association, and Chairman of Creative Board of Shanghai Meigao Gao Jun gave a speech. The participants gathered senior leaders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to establish a route for the Henan brand to go international.
In January 2017, after five years of hard work, I got the banner of China's 4A advertising. In the leadership of the president of the China Business Advertising Association, Huahe participated in the dialogues and exchanges between the five countries' creative forums, awards, the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival, and the US Silicon Valley. Huahe Media entered the 4A advertising circle.
In March 2017, it hosted the Cross-border Investment and Trade Fair of Bank of China, a conference venue of 5,000 people in 26 countries.
On March 31, 2017, Huahe Media won the 17th IAI International Advertising Award for Works, Graphic and Advertising Creative Excellence Awards for “Henan Unicom Summer Travel Traffic Promotion”.
In July 2017, we signed a two-year strategic cooperation with Yutong Bus (designing a full-service service provider) and activities, design and promotion of overseas markets.
In August 2017, it won the bid for 18 materials suppliers in 18 cities in Henan.
On June 30, 2017, the group's senior officials went to Beijing to visit IDG Capital and negotiate financing listing plan.
In October 2017, it won the bid for the 2018 annual case with Henan Unicom.

China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of China, Central Plains Bank, China CITIC Bank, Agricultural Bank, Post Bank, Yutong Bus, etc.

company culture:
Vision: To become an international Chinese advertising company mission: to create value for customers with creativity as the core.


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