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  • Huahe Media Group was invited to participate in 2017ECI International Digital Business Innovation...
    Huahe Media Group was invited to participate in the 2017 ECI International Digital Business Innovation Awards North American Innovation Tour August 3, 2017, Henan Huahe Media Group General Manager Jiao Yan, Executive Director Chen Jianwei as China's outstanding...
  • 2017 China 4A Annual Meeting Sheng Qihua Wo is qualified to become a new member
    On January 12, 2017, the China Business Advertising Association's New Year Group was successfully held in Beijing. As an annual event in the domestic advertising industry, this year also gathered the most heavyweights in the Chinese advertising industry...
  • Huahe Media participated in the 2017 Asia Pacific Advertising Festival
    The 2017 Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival was held in Pattaya, Thailand in March. The first 4A advertising company in Henan, the general manager of Huahe Media Group, Jiao Yan was also invited to attend the event, with international creative people...
  • Chinese animation group popularizes animation culture and stimulates creativity
    On the afternoon of March 28th, Jiao Yan, general manager of Henan Huahe Media Group and his party, Cheng Zhiming, mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government held talks at Sofitel International Hotel in Zhengzhou, on the status quo and development of Zhengzhou's cultural industry...
  • Huahe Media Group participated in the 12th China 4A Gold Seal Awards Ceremony
    On October 28th, 2017, China CreatiVision and the 12th China 4A Gold Seal Awards Ceremony were held at Shanghai Bund Long, Henan Huahe Media Group and many Chinese tops...
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