Huahe Media is a member of the China Business Advertising Association's Comprehensive Agency Professional Committee (China 4A), a member of the Digital Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, a member of the Content Marketing Committee of the China Business Advertising Association, and an executive vice member of the Shanghai Charity Foundation's Special Fund Management Committee. unit. Huahe Media has provided integrated brand marketing communication solutions for many brands. The customers are China Mobile, China Unicom, Bank of China, Zhongyuan Bank, Agricultural Bank, China CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank, Bank of Communications, China Post Bank, Guangzhou Automobile. Toyota, Yutong Bus, China Southern Airlines, Coca-Cola, Dukang, Missing Group and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Henan Hehe Media Group Co., Ltd. (Hua He Media) was founded in 2009. The group has five subsidiaries and three branches, and has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou to provide brand communication services to customers. . The business segment includes mobile phone new media operations, creativity, case, media, design, government activities, performing arts, public relations, (IPTV) digital marketing, film and television, animation and other multi-disciplinary businesses. Huahe Media is a member of China Business Advertising Association's Comprehensive Agency Professional Committee (China 4A) and China Business Advertising Association Digital Camp...
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The creative advertising creative role in advertising is like the indispensable air and water in people's lives. If the advertisement is not creative, there is no meaning of existence.
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Value Huahe only makes value advertising! We are customer-centric, result-oriented, and integrate cross-border resources to maximize the value of advertising for our clients.
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It is the goal of Huahe Media to continuously strive for and surpass the purpose of spreading to find more effective means of communication and exerting the power of creativity to use the voice to form a brand voice.
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Accurate advertising behavior can be more accurate with less effort. Only accurate positioning, precise content, and accurate communication can provide customers with accurate solutions.
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Huahe Service
The whole case service We are the leading intelligent digital and traditional media full-service comprehensive service agency group customers covering the whole industry attributes, including many of the world's top 500 / China's top 500. We extend the value of creative communication unlimited brand strategy, film and television ip, interactive marketing The social communication and public relations activities are integrated to open the future.
Media Agents We are committed to significantly improving the performance of TV, print, digital and broadcast media on a global scale. Through the integrated operation of media investment, global media strategic cooperation, programmatic purchase and content marketing, we will take advantage of the opportunities brought by globalization and media aggregation to bring optimized value-added services to customers and media.
From publicity to communication, from planning management to event execution, we provide our clients with highly professional and innovative system services, from corporate planning, brand management, channel public relations, media communication, public relations activities, conferences and exhibitions, and terminals. A series of marketing activities, such as promotions, designed to enhance corporate brand awareness, reputation and sales performance.
Film and TV animation IP Huahe Media, together with China's top animation education and R&D institutions, has made unremitting efforts to realize its corporate value in the film and television animation IP industry, and has achieved considerable results in the operation of the entire industry chain.
IPTV operation We use data-driven refined operation, intelligent association recommendation, online and offline interactive marketing activities, flexible and fast EPG event marketing as the core structure, surpass the experience and touch the future.
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Henan Company: 27th Floor, Block B, Yunfeng, Greenland Window, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City
Beijing company: 3Q, SOHO Phase II, Guanghua Road, No. 9 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District
Shanghai company: SOHO3Q-Bund 3Q1, No. 88 Zhongshan East Road, Huangpu District

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